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I’m so in love with Nigerian men but I don’t feel the same way for South African guys! South African lady opens up


A South African lady, “Retired Makoti Oluwaferanmi (as displayed on her page) said she finds it difficult to love South African men the same way she loves Nigerian men.

She said she has dated a good number of Nigerian men and she has been so used to their culture and traditions and she finds it hard to do the same with South African men.

The South African lady however said she is currently dating a South African man but she finds it hard to love him like the Nigerian men she has dated in the past.

She made this revelation via her twitter page;


I’m in a relationship with a South African man…that’s a real transition considering that I’ve only been dating Nigerian men.

It’s hard, man…

He loves me so much, gives me peace, does everything for me, everything is perfect but I’m struggling to transition…help❤️💔

Last night he took me out to this place. The bouncers were Nigerian. Most of the men were Nigerian. 


I was close to asking him to pick me up later. Instead I asked if we could leave…because I know if one Nigerian man showed interest, I was going to slip up.💔 

I’ve grown too deeply involved with Nigerians❤️ I’ve become accustomed to them, I’ve become accustomed to their traditions. It’s hard to unlearn what Nigeria has taught me & how Nigeria has moulded me to be this diverse woman❤️

Even my Nigerian sisterhood is a DEEP part of me❤️ 

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