Inside the secret life of 73 years 0ld Richard Buckley, the popular Fashion Journalist.

Inside the secret life of Richard Buckley, the popular Fashion Journalist.

Richard Buckley is a household name in one of the most thriving subsets of the entertainment industry, fashion. If you are a fashion aficionado, then you would be familiar with him but what else do you know about the quiet and secretive fashion writer and editor? 

Managing one’s private life together with fame in the American entertainment industry can sometimes be a herculean task given that one is always on the tv screens or newspaper pages. However, Richard Buckley has been able to keep some of the most important details about himself out of the reach of the media. 

Richard Buckley

For instance, details as regards his childhood, background, family among others remain elusive to fans and the media to date. He has been able to keep these “secrets” close to his chest for decades. 

Nonetheless, Richard Buckley, in as much as his works made him considerably famous,  his marriage to Tom Ford, a world-renowned fashion designer, and film-maker further catapulted him into the popularity space such that the media and fans became interested in knowing more about him not just because of his profession but also his sexuality and the duo met. 

So in this article, we will take a look at Richard Buckley’s career, challenges, relationship, and his surrogate son who is now nine years old. Just in case you are wondering, Richard Buckley is the wife while Tom Ford is the husband. 

Background and Education

Getting some information about Richard Buckley can be compared to digging a well out of a rock – it is extremely difficult, especially as regards his birth and family. Nonetheless, he didn’t fall from the sky and he is an American. 

Richard Buckley was born in 1948 which makes him 73 years old as of 2021, his place and exact date of birth remain unknown. As regards his education, that is also elusive but with the position he once held at Vogue Hommes International and his years of work experience, it will be odd to argue that he didn’t have any form of formal education at some point in his life even though no one knows the details. 

Career and Net Worth 

Richard Buckley is also an author. He has published a good number of books that are available on Google Books. He is a proud member of the LGBTQ community. 

He is the former Editor in chief of popular fashion magazine, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Hommes. He has also contributed to some other well-known fashion outlets which include: Italian Vogue, Mirabella, Dutch Vanity Fai, W, and WWD, etc. 

Richard Buckley has been in the fashion industry for decades and his net worth is a huge reflection of how much the 73-year-old has made over the years. His net worth as of 2021 is worth $20m according to Celebrity Net Worth. His net worth is nothing compared to that of his husband, Tom Ford who is estimated to be worth $500m. Tom Ford’s earnings come not only from being a fashion designer but also from his fashion brand where he sells items like perfumes, lipsticks, shoes, sunglasses, etc. 

Richard Buckley once acted in a movie,  A Single Man which was directed by Tom Ford. 


Richard and Tom’s paths crossed at a fashion event organized by a mutual friend in 1986. Tom, 25 years old as of then was young in the industry while Richard 38 was already one of the biggest names then. Tom was working for Cathy Hardwick then. 

The duo immediately got attracted to each other and the rest became history. They moved in together within a month of confirming their feelings for each other and they went on to date for 28 years before they eventually got married. Richard Buckley and Tom Ford got married in April 2014. 

Who is Richard Buckley Child? 

Two years before they got married, they had a son via surrogacy. The name of the child is Alexander John Buckley Ford. Both Richard and Tom share parental responsibility for their son who is now nine years old. 

Is Richard Buckley Sick? 

Currently, he is not sick but he was once diagnosed with cancer in 1989.  However, he was able to recover fully from the disease after 10 years. 

Is Richard Buckley on Social Media?

Your guess is as good as ours, he’s not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other popular social media platforms. 

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