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Jason Momoa Height: How Tall Is “Game Of Thrones” Khal Drogo?

jason mamoa

Jason Momoa’s height is one of his most distinctive features. He is an attractive young with noticeable physical attributes that makes him a lady’s favourite. This post is not just about Jason Momoa’s height but also about his background, career rise, net worth, relationship status among other information about him.

Jason Momoa Height

How tall is Jason Momoa? Jason Momoa is 6ft and 4 inches tall. The actor could easily pass a basketball player or American football player due to his height and physicality. And he could also be a boxer due to his arm length and balance on the ground. However, he picked acting where he his less likely to get punched in the face.

  • Jason Momoa Height in Centimeters – 193 cm
  • Jason Momoa in Meters – 1.93 m

Who is Jason Momoa?

Jason Momoa, born on August 1, 1979, is a renowned American actor celebrated for his diverse roles in both television and film. His journey to stardom includes notable portrayals such as Jason Ione in Baywatch: Hawaii, Ronon Dex in Stargate Atlantis, Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, and the iconic Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe. His distinctive appearance, compelling presence, and versatile talent have made him a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Jason Momoa Height

Breakthrough with “Game of Thrones” and Beyond

Momoa’s breakthrough came with his powerful portrayal of Khal Drogo in the critically acclaimed HBO series “Game of Thrones.” This role showcased his ability to embody complex and physically demanding characters, setting the stage for his success. Following this, he secured the lead role in the 2011 reboot of “Conan the Barbarian,” further solidifying his status in action and fantasy genres.

However, it was his casting as Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) that propelled Momoa to global stardom. His charismatic presence in films like “Justice League” and the standalone “Aquaman” movie established him as a key player in the DCEU and a symbol of empowerment for diverse audiences.

Jason Momoa Career Growth

  • 2014: Co-starred in the Canadian horror drama “Wolves,” marking an early point in his acting career.
  • 2014: He played the role of Navarro in “Johnson Family Vacation”
  • 2016: Made his debut as Aquaman in a cameo appearance in “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” offering a tantalizing glimpse of his iconic role.
  • 2017: Appeared in the full Aquaman costume in “Justice League,” further cementing his presence in the DC Extended Universe.
  • 2018: Starred in his own solo film, “Aquaman,” which garnered immense popularity and critical acclaim, establishing him as the superhero of the seas.
  • 2019-2022: Played the role of Baba Voss in the Apple TV+ series “See,” showcasing his ability to tackle complex and visually stunning TV productions.
  • 2021: Portrayed Duncan Idaho in the highly anticipated adaptation of Frank Herbert’s “Dune,” further expanding his filmography to include epic science fiction.
  • 2022: Narrated the “American Masters” series and joined the DC universe again, reprising his role as Aquaman in “Peacemaker.”
  • 2022: Acted as Flip in “Slumberland,” exhibiting his versatility in different genres.
  • 2023: Continued his portrayal of Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, in “The Flash,” solidifying his role as a superhero icon.
  • 2023: Appeared in “Fast X” as Dante, further demonstrating his prowess in the action genre.
  • 2023: Starred as Big Jim in “The Last Manhunt”

Nationality and Heritage

Born Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa, he holds American nationality. Despite having some Hawaiian ancestry through his father, Momoa’s nationality is distinctly American, underscoring the global appeal he has achieved as an actor.

Jason Momoa

Family Background

Momoa’s parents, Joseph and Coni Momoa, reflect a diverse heritage. Coni, from Norwalk, Iowa, and Joseph, a Hawaiian from Nanakuli, divorced when Jason was an infant. Raised in Iowa by his mother, Jason spent summers in Hawaii with his father. Despite the challenges of stardom, both parents have been supportive, with Joseph expressing pride in his son’s Hollywood success.

Jason Momoa’s Age and Career Milestones

As of now, Jason Momoa is 44 years old, bringing a wealth of experience to his captivating career. His journey includes notable milestones such as his role in “Aquaman,” the Apple TV+ series “See,” and his portrayal of Duncan Idaho in the adaptation of “Dune.”

Relationships and Family

Reportedly single since January 2022, Momoa was previously married to Lisa Bonet. They share two children, Lola Iolani and Nakoa-Wolf, born in 2007 and 2008, respectively. While he is currently not married, his past relationships have been notable aspects of his personal life.


Special Skills and Interests

Beyond acting, Momoa is known for his martial arts skills, Brazilian jiu-jitsu training, and love for heavy metal music. He incorporates these interests into his roles, showcasing a multifaceted personality. Notably, he faced a life-altering assault in 2008, resulting in a visible scar that he has since embraced. The man who assaulted him was sentenced to jail to five years.

Net Worth

Jason Momoa’s net worth, estimated at $25 million, reflects his success as an actor, model, director, writer, and producer. His contributions to film and television have solidified his position as a prominent and financially successful figure in the entertainment industry.


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