MajaMaja Chan: 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Crawcow Monsters actor answered Maja

<strong>MajaMaja Chan: 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about the <em>Crawcow Monsters</em> actor answered Maja</strong> 2

Maja Chan: 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Crawcow Monsters actor answered 

No matter how old or young one is, once one makes it to the big screen just like Maja Chan, internet users will want to know more about them. 

Maja Chan is not an exception, many internet users and followers of the Netflix series “Cracow Monsters” have been asking a lot of questions about who she is, and where she is from among other details about the rising star. 

This post is an attempt to provide answers to most of the most frequently asked questions about Maja Chan, her background, career, and net worth among other information people have been looking for about her. 

Maja Chan

Where is Maja Chan from? 

Maja Chan was born in London, England, according to various online sources, but her exact date of birth is unknown. She’s a fantastic young British actress with shows on Netflix and Amazon right now. She has been described as a Hong Kong-Polish actress.

Who are Maja Chan’s Parents? 

The answer to that question is still very exclusive. It seems Maja is a very private person even though she is still very young. The identities of her parents are not in the public space yet. One would have thought that their faces would be everywhere on the Internet as they live off the fame of their child but then it is not the case. 

How old is she? 

Maja Chan’s age is not known but she is a very young actor so her age should be between 15-20. Her date of birth is not known as well. Maybe she might divulge this information later but for now, her real age is a guessing game. 


Even though Maja Chan was born in the United Kingdom, it seems she is also of Asian descent considering her name. She might be of Japanese heritage because a native English person won’t bear “Chan ” most likely. This is mere speculation but then it might not be too far away from the fact. Unfortunately, the facts about her ethnicity are not available at the moment. 

Is Maja Chan on Wikipedia 

Maja Chan currently does not have a Wikipedia page. Maja chan is still a long way from being welcomed on Wikipedia’s official page due to her newness in the entertainment world. Her brief biography, on the other hand, is freely available online from a variety of sources.

<strong>MajaMaja Chan: 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about the <em>Crawcow Monsters</em> actor answered Maja</strong> 3

Furthermore, at the time of writing, there are no details about her professional or academic credentials. Her academic credentials are murky.

Is Kaja Chan Maja Chan’s sister?

Maja Chan appears to be Kaja Chan’s sister, a co-star in the same series Cracow Monsters.

In the United Kingdom, Kaja Chan works as an assistant director and actor. Her most well-known works include Absentia (2017), How to Cope with Serial Killing (Short), The Looking Glass, and Cracow Monsters (TV Series) 2022.

Maja Chan and Crawcow Monsters 

In Netflix’s new series “Cracow Monsters,” a young woman haunted by her past teams up with a mystery professor and his gang of bright students to investigate paranormal events and battle demons.

Alex, the series’ main character, is a medical student who meets a mystery professor and his elite group of students working under the guise of scientific research, but the gang is up to no good, forcing Alex to confront the world of Slavic superstitions, ancient creatures, and savage deities.

“Cracow Monsters,” a Netflix original series premiered on March 18, 2022.

What is Maja Chan’s net worth?

Maja Chan’s net worth is said to be about $100,000 at the moment. Her net worth will most likely rise in the years ahead as she appears in more movies, television series, advertisements and other promotional videos. 

Is Maja Chan on Instagram?

Yes, Maja Chan is on Instagram. Hee page is private so her followers are quite small. She has just over 500 followers. However, her sister has over 3,000 followers on her page. 


Maja Chan appears to be single at the moment. She has not mentioned whether she is in a relationship or not. 

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