Meet Andrew Frankel, the husband of star Actress, Bridget Moynahan!

Meet Andrew Frankel, the husband of star Actress, Bridget Moynahan! 2

Andrew Frankel belongs to the class of people who were doing well in their respective careers or businesses but got the attention of the media because of their relationship or closeness with a popular person.

So one can easily say that Bridget Moynahan, the Blue Bloods series star dragged Andrew Frankel into fame shortly after the duo got married in 2015. She also featured in John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017), and The Journey Home (2014), and many others.

This piece is an attempt to unravel the important details which are not very common about Andrew Frankel as he and his wife also belong to the class of celebrities that keep private details about their lives beyond the reach of the ever-inquisitive American media.

Background and Education 

Not much is available for consumption as regards the early days of Andrew Frankel but what we do know is that he was born on 20th August 1974 in New York. So, it can be inferred that he practically spent his childhood and attended high school in the city before proceeding to the University.

He graduated with honors in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994 and he currently runs a brokerage firm in New York as well.


Before Andrew Frankel left school, he had already begun to work. He started working a few months before he graduated from the University. He worked at Stuart Frankel and Co In, his father’s company founded in 1973.  The company is a “corporate access, global idea generation, and execution brokerage firm.”

Surprisingly, Andrew Frankel still works in the company and he holds the position of co-President of the company. His roles include; local and international trading and the US cash equity desk on the New York Stock Exchange among other roles. He’s without doubt, an astute businessman with over three decades of experience. 

Net Worth

As of 2021, Bridget Moynahan’s estimated worth is reported to be in the region of $80m. With his efforts alongside his dad, Stuart Frankel and Co Inc is one of the leading brokerage companies in the United States with an estimated worth of over $5bn.

Bridget Moynahan’s net worth is estimated to be $25m so they are wealthy and can afford any luxury they desire.


Andrew Frankel had three boys (JB, Griffin, and Jack) from a previous relationship with an unnamed woman). Likewise, Bridget Moynahan had a child (Edward Thomas) with NFL star, Tom Brady before they split after almost three years of dating in 2006.

Bridget recounted her experience with Tom Brady who left shortly after she got pregnant.  She told Harpers Bazaar her story;

“Going through that traumatic time of being heartbroken and then being pregnant turned my whole life upside down and inside out and just knocked the wind out of me. But I got so much out of that. It’s golden and it’s tough and it was f***ed up. But now I have a child, and it’s the best thing in the world.”

“Tom and I made a decision to raise a child together and we both found partners that not only supported us in raising that child but also loved our child as if he was their own, I don’t think you can ask for more than that. My son is surrounded by love and grandparents that go on forever, and it’s all good,” She told Moynahan told People in 2019.

However, they both share custody of the child who is now 14 years old. Edward spends time with his dad in Boston Massachusetts, and with his mum in New York City.

Andrew Frankel and Bridget Moynahan were close friends before they turned it into a romantic relationship. They dated for a while before they got married at Wölffer Estate Vineyards, Southampton, New York, on the 17th of October, 2015.

Although they have no child together, Andrew Frankel and Bridget Moynahan are happily married and look made for each other.




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