Newly-wedded couple celebrate honeymoon on disastrous Ohi-Orogwe Road, Owerri! Pictures👇


Paris, Santorini, Seychelles, Cape Town are among the top destinations newly-wedded couples chose to spend their vacations but a Nigerian couple chose to do theirs at the notorious Ohi-Orogwe road in Owerri.

In a bid to protest against the disastrous state of the Ohi-Orogwe road in Owerri, the couple proceeded to the road built a building frame, placed a bed on it as they share moments together.

See pictures below



This is not the first time residents of the community in Owerri will be creating awareness about the poor state of the road creatively.

Last year, a group of youths created a mini-bar in the middle of a bad road in Nakede as they gulped down bottles of alcoholic drinks.




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