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Paul Frew Democratic Unionist Party: Background and Career

Paul Frew Democratic Unionist Party: Background and Career 2

Who is Paul Frew?

Paul Frew (born 20 September 1974) is a Northern Irish Unionist politician who represents the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). From June to July 2021, Frew served as Minister of the Economy. He has been a member of the North Antrim Legislative Assembly (MLA) since 2010.

How old is Paul Frew?

Paul Frew is 48 years old. He has born on the 20th of September 1974.



Paul was elected to Ballymena Borough Council in 2005 for the Braid area; he chaired the Ballymena Council Economic Development Committee; and he was a member of the Ballymena DPP and PCSP.

Paul was elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly in June 2010 to represent the people of North Antrim, succeeding Ian Paisley MP.

Paul was re-elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2011 and served as Chair of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, as well as a member of the Enterprise, Trade and Investment Committee, the Justice Committee, and the OFMDFM Committee.

Paul Frew

Paul was appointed Chair of the Justice Committee following the 2016 Assembly Election.

He was the Deputy Chair of the Finance Committee and a member of the Justice Committee in January 2020.

In June 2021 Paul was appointed to the Northern Ireland Executive to serve as Minister for the Economy. He held the position until July 2021.

Paul is a member of several All-Party Parliamentary Groups, including Country Sports, Construction, Domestic and Sexual Violence, Football, the Ethnic Minority Community, Fair Banking and Finance, and Modern Slavery.


Social Media

Paul Frew is quiet on Twitter. He has over 11,000 followers on his page. He wrote on his page that he is an avid football lover.

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