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shootashellz death: How the Chicago Black Mobb rap gang member was killed! See shootashellz Reddit Pictures!

shootashellz death

Shootashellz death: Rap, gang, and gun violence in the United States are quite synonymous. Rival gangs or rap groups in the same area try to outsmart each other in a bid to dominate the area. This story follows the life of a Chicago rapper known as Shootashellz who was killed in cold blood after he dissed a rival rap group in one of his tracks. Eye witness report claims that Shootashellz was shot about 18 times and over 40 shell casings were discovered at the scene where he was killed. Shootashellz death happened in 2018 but people online are still interested in the story.

Background: Who is Shootashellz?

Shootashellz was a prominent rapper hailing from the United States who gained recognition for his extensive discography comprising twenty tracks, including notable titles such as “Price of the Streets” (2017), “Real Ones” (2018), and “Mobbster” (2018). Shootashellz, also known as Cedron Doles, emerged as a controversial figure within Chicago’s drill music scene, where he garnered attention by taunting rival gangs through his lyrics. One of his rap videos, titled “Death of 150,” gained significant traction on YouTube in April 2017. Throughout his career, Shootashellz developed a close affiliation with the Black Mobb faction, associated with the Black P Stone gang.

Shootashellz Death: How did he die?

Shootashellz death happened in 2018. On the fateful morning of July 10th, Shootashellz, a rising artist, met a devastating end as he fell victim to a gunshot. According to sources, the incident occurred while he was in transit, presumably leaving in his car.

Reports indicate that Shootashellz was ambushed within the Auburn Freshman community, where three assailants targeted him from a White Nissan Altima.

shootashellz death: How the Chicago Black Mobb rap gang member was killed! See shootashellz Reddit Pictures! 1
Police at the scene of Shootashellz death in Chicago in 2018.

The attack left him gravely injured, sustaining gunshot wounds to his head and body. Tragically, when law enforcement arrived at the scene, they discovered Shootashellz collapsed in the street, fighting for his life.


In a shocking revelation, the subsequent autopsy unveiled the presence of approximately 43 shell casings near Shootashellz’s body, painting a grim picture of the violence that took place. The location of the incident was identified as the 8100 block of South Paulina Street, where this senseless act of violence unfolded.

Shootashellz Autopsy and Video

Shootshellz, a victim of a violent crime, tragically sustained multiple gunshot wounds inflicted by members of the Stone faction No Limit gang. The graphic images of his death have gained widespread attention on the internet.

Recently, disturbing photographs of Shootashellz’s lifeless body were shared on the online platform Reddit. These pictures depict the extent of the damage caused by the headshots he endured, rendering his face unrecognizable.


According to official reports, Shootashellz suffered gunshot wounds to various parts of his body, including his chest, right thigh, head, right calf, right foot, buttocks, right arm, right wrist, and left forearm.

Due to the chaotic nature of the incident, there are no available videos documenting Shootashellz’s final moments. However, it is evident from the photographs that he sustained multiple gunshot wounds, possibly exceeding 15 in number.


The circulation of Shootashellz’s death pictures on the internet has sparked widespread discussions. Autopsy reports confirm the severity of his injuries, indicating a brutal attack that affected his entire body.

Prior to his untimely death, Shootashellz had been prominently featured in the music video “Death of 150,” where online discussions and FBI investigations revealed that he and others directed menacing threats towards No Limit and referenced three gang members who had previously lost their lives.


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