This is what Kevin De Bruyne said he will do after #Coronavirus

Just before the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Kevin De Bruyne was surely in contention for the best player of the season even though Manchester City haven’t been that explosive this season.

The Belgian has had a good season individually and was in contention for the prize alongside the likes of Jordan Henderson, Raul Jimenez among others.

With the uncertainty as regards the return of the Premier League, the 28 year old Belgian playmaker has already reviewed what he will be doing when football returns

He said in an Instagram live post: I”told my wife I’m going to play a little longer,” De Bruyne said in an Instagram Live video.

After this lockdown, I cannot stay at home. I told her I’m going to take two years more.

“It’s time to play football again. I miss it and it’s difficult. But we are not important, football is not important. People love football, but you need to stay safe.

“I’ve been at home now for two weeks,” De Bruyne added.

At the beginning, my family and my kids were a little bit sick so that was a little bit worrying but they are alright now.

“It took eight or nine days, we don’t know, but now they are better luckily as you never know what is going to happen.”

Kevin De Bruyne has 8 goals, 16 assists in 26 appearances in the Premier League this season.

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