Throwback: Relive the moments of one of Lagbaja’s classic tunes, “Konko Below” as the veteran turns 60 today! See video

Throwback: Relive the moments of one of Lagbaja's classic tunes, "Konko Below" as the veteran turns 60 today! See video 2

Born in Lagos, Bisade Olungunde “Òpátàmèdù popularly known as “Lagbaja” is a multi -talented instrumentalist, song writer, performer, satirist, percussionist and Afrobeat Musician.

Lagbaja became active in the music industry in 1998 although he had already released three albums: “Ikira” and “Lagbaja” in 1993 and Cest un African Thing” in 1996.

Lagbaja derived his nickname from Òpátàmèdu. Opa means a wooden talking drum stick, while “tamedu” means “nobody in particular”. So in essence, Lagbaja is a traditional performing artist whose music is based basically on  the African taking drum.

He’s not just famous for his vigorous dance steps, choreography and witty lyrics, his trademark mask sets him apart from other musicians worldwide.

The music veteran turns 60 today and here’s a throwback to one of his classic tunes. See video here 👇

In 2006, Lagbaja received a channel O music award for the best make video for the single track; “Never Far Away”

Video source : @sibkingwitbless

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