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What is Tal Bahari net worth? See the result of our findings! 

What is Tal Bahari net worth? See the result of our findings!  2

As long as you are popular, the media and the fans will continue to find answers to questions about certain aspects of your life. 

Tal Bahari’s net worth continues to divide opinions because no one knows his exact net worth not to talk of an estimate but one can assume that the businessman is very wealthy. 

His wealth is not the inky reason why is popular, he is also famous fir being the ex-husband of Paulina Ben Cohen. He is often regarded as the source of the latter’s extravagant lifestyle. 


In this article, you get to learn more about Tal Bahari, his net worth and what lead to his divorce from Paulina Ben Cohen in 2018.

Who is Tal Bahari? 

What is Tal Bahari net worth? See the result of our findings!  3
4 December 2017, Maziar Bahari stands for a portrait.

Tal Bahari is an Iranian businessman. He is reported to be Cavalini Incorporate’s Chief Executive Officer. His brother, Fred Bahari, owns Cavalini Inc. Right Fashions is the trade name for Cavalini Inc. It is a clothing wholesale company that specialises in women’s and children’s clothing. Tal Bahari is an Iranian national.


Tal Bahari, a prominent Iranian businessman, is not yet included on Wikipedia. His family is also shrouded in mystery.

Paulina likewise appears to keep her ex-personal husband’s life private. We’ll hopefully learn more about Tal Bahari in the future.

Tal Bahari is believed to be in his forties or fifties.


Tal married Paulina Cohen, a well-known media figure, in 2014. They are the parents of two children.

Net Worth 

Unfortunately, there has been no formal announcement about Tal Bahari’s net worth. However, the presumption that Tal Bahari is a multimillion or more appears to be reasonable.

Paulina Ben Cohen’s extravagant lifestyle can be linked back to the businessman, which provides insight into the Iranian businessman’s net worth.

What is Tal Bahari net worth? See the result of our findings!  4

Tal Baahari’s expanding net worth is evidenced by Paulina’s Instagram account, which is brimming with jewelry. Mike Shouhed’s financial situation appears to be in shambles after a string of failed ventures, and Paulina is claimed to be assisting him financially.

Paulina and Tal are said to have spent $1.9 million for a house in Los Angeles. Tal Bahari is the alleged CEO of Cavalin. Inc, a Los Angeles-based wholesale company.

He is also reported to be handling several other business endeavors, making him a successful businessman, according to several entertainment media outlets.


This confirms our suspicions that his is worth a million dollars or more.

Tal Bahari kids/Divorce 

Tal Bahari, Paulin Ben Cohen’s ex-husband, has two children with her. She had two sons as a single mother.

The oldest is seven years old, while the youngest is five. Paulina also stated that she put her love life on hold in order to focus on raising her children. Except for a few images here and there, she appears to want to keep her sons out of the glare of the media.


On August 28, 2018, Tal Bahari and Paulina Ben Cohen reportedly filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Courts. Their irreconcilable conflicts are said to have caused them to split up.

Paulina Cohen Boyfriend

Paulina is presently seeing Mike Shouhed as she is going through her divorce from Tal. Mike Shouhed is in his early forties.

What is Tal Bahari net worth? See the result of our findings!  5

On the set of “Shahs of Sunsets,” Paulina and Mike met for the first time and were instantly smitten. Mike Shouhed says that he is settling down with Paulina and her two children. Mike Shouhed was married to Jesicca Parido for eight months before meeting Paulina.



It’s unknown why Tal Bahari has kept his personal and financial information hidden from the public. As a result, finding information about Tal Bahari is difficult. People desire to know about one other’s ages, net worth, and other common details in order to share information.

However, because he comes from a wealthy family, is a businessman, and an entrepreneur, and is the CEO of a company worth 1.9 million dollars, his net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. As a result, we hope that this information provides you with some insight into his net worth.


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