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Where is Hannah Goslar Sister Gabi Goslar in 2022? Is she alive? Gabi Goslar Holocaust survivor

Where is Hannah Goslar Sister Gabi Goslar in 2022? Is she alive? Gabi Goslar Holocaust survivor 2

Hannah Goslar Sister: Is Gabi Goslar Still Alive?

Gabi Goslar, Hannah Goslar’s sister, is still alive. In fact, she is now 81 years old. She was born in October 1940, 12 years after her older brother.

In 2021, Hannah Goslar published “My Best Friend Anne.” The story revolves around Goslar and her close friendship with Anne Frank. As a result, people are curious about the writer’s sister.

Gabi is also mentioned in “Memories of Anne Frank” and “The Diary of Anne Frank.” She was a picky eater and spoiled child, according to the books. Gabi’s full name is Rachel Gabrielle Ida Goslar.


Who are Gabi Goslar and Hannah Goslar?

Hannah and Gabi Goslar are two sisters who survived the Holocaust from 1941 to 1945. They were close friends with the famous diarist Anne Frank.

The Holocaust was genocide and ethnic cleansing of European Jews during World War II. It happened in the German Reich and in German-occupied Europe. Six million Jews were murdered systematically in German-occupied Europe over a four-year period, accounting for roughly two-thirds of all European Jews.

Where is Hannah Goslar Sister Gabi Goslar in 2022? Is she alive? Gabi Goslar Holocaust survivor 3
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jacqueline Larma/AP/Shutterstock (6501986a) HANNAH GOSLAR PICK Hannah Goslar Pick, 69, childhood friend of Anne Frank, known in her famous diary as Lies, is shown at her Jerusalem apartment . In Oct. 1997 the story of Pick’s friendship with Anne Frank was published in the book, “Memories of Anne Frank; Reflections of a Childhood Friend.” Pick recounts that in Frank’s final days in the Nazi Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, she was barely a shadow of the feisty teen-ager the world later came to know through her diaries, devastated by what shethought was the loss of her entire family. Frank perished at Bergen-Belsen just one month before the camp was liberated in April 1945 REMEMBERING ANNE FRANK, JERUSALEM, Israel

Hannah Pick-Goslar and Anne Frank were childhood friends in Amsterdam until the Franks went into hiding in 1942.


She recalls their close bond and the moment the two girls met one last time in Bergen-Belsen, now 92 years old.

How old is Gabi Goslar?

Gabi Goslar will be 81 years old in 2022.

In October 1940, the Holocaust survivor was born.


Gabi was taken to Westerbork with her family when she was three years old. She developed a severe ear infection and had to undergo difficult surgery while there.

She also spent nearly two years in concentration camps and went through hell.

Gabi Goslar Family

As of now, no information about Gabi Goslar’s husband has been revealed. We do, however, know a little bit about her family.


Hannah Goslar, Gabi’s sister, was a close friend of Anne Frank. She was born in Berlin, Germany on November 12, 1928. Hannah Elizabeth “Hanneli” Pick-Goslar is her full name.

Where is Hannah Goslar Sister Gabi Goslar in 2022? Is she alive? Gabi Goslar Holocaust survivor 4

Hannah used to be a nurse. She had gone to Amsterdam’s 6th Montessori School with Anne Frank. She is currently residing in Jerusalem.

Hans Goslar and Ruth Judith Klee were Gabi’s parents. Her father, Hans, was Germany’s deputy minister for domestic affairs until 1933. Ruth, her mother, was also a teacher. Her parents were both devout Jews.


Gabi’s mother died while giving birth to her third child; the baby died shortly after birth.

Hannah, Gabi’s sister, married Dr. Walter Pinchas Park. She is a mother of three kids. She also has eleven grandchildren and over twenty great-grandchildren.

Gabi Goslar Now

Gabi Goslar, the Holocaust survivor is now 81 years old and she appears to be off any social media page at the moment.


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