Who is Elizabeth Boeheim Jim Boeheim daughter? Here is what we know 

<strong>Who is Elizabeth Boeheim Jim Boeheim daughter? Here is what we know </strong> 2

Elizabeth Boeheim is the adopted daughter of Jim Boeheim and his wife Elaine Boeheim. Jim Boeheim is a popular figure in the American sports industry having played basketball at the highest level. Boeheim is currently serving as the head coach of the University of Syracuse basketball team. 

Jim, Elizabeth’s father, is the Men’s Basketball team’s head coach. In 1969, Jim decided to coach basketball after reaching retirement age. Accordingly, Elizabeth’s father’s first job was as an intern at the Alma Mater. Syracuse finished its second NCAA tournament in 1986. 

Jim was asked to coach the team in Ohio, but he refused to leave his alma mater. Since then, he has coached the team with complete dedication and has achieved tremendous success in his four years as a basketball coach for the University administration.

How old is Elizabeth Boeheim 

Elizabeth was born in the United States of America somewhere. However, there is currently no information on her actual birthdate. Her biological parents’ identities are also unknown. Elaine and Jim Boeheim adopt Elizabeth. Elizabeth is of American descent, but her ethnicity is unknown. Elizabeth has two brothers named Judy and Jimmy Boeheim


Elizabeth Boeheim

Elizabeth is a young lady with Blonde hair and Brown eyes. As of today, her other body measurements, height in feet, and weight are unknown.


There is no news available about Elizabeth’s professional background. She is preoccupied with her studies. Though she is not on social media, her photos can be found on various websites, including her father, Jim’s biography. She might take up a career in basketball maybe not as a career but in terms of administration or as a n agent. For now, she is focused on her studies. 


Elizabeth, according to various sources, is far too young to be in a relationship. To date, she is not married. Elizabeth is currently single and concentrating on her studies.

Elizabeth Boeheim parents 

Jim and Elaine Boeheim are her parents. Elaine, her mother, was Jim’s Boeheim’s first wife. Before their marriage, Jim and Elaine dated for a long time and got to know each other better.

The couple married in 1976 after realizing they could live happily as a couple for the rest of their lives. Their wedding reception was held in a large mansion. They divorced after eight and a half years. 

Elizabeth’s father married Julie Greene in 1997, following their divorce. Jim met Julie Greene in 1994 at a Derby Day party in Lexington.

Social Media 

Elizabeth Boeheim is not on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. She appears to prefer to keep it hidden from the media and the spotlight as much as possible.

Elizabeth is the eldest child of her father’s second marriage to Juli Gay Greene. She has two younger brothers, James and Jackson, as well as a younger sister, Jamie. She is the only person in her immediate family whose surname does not begin with a “J.” Furthermore, she is James’s only child who did not participate in basketball.

James, Elizabeth’s father, divorced his first wife, Elaine, in 1993. Her father married Juli four years later, in 1997. She served as maid of honor at their wedding in Syracuse.

Net Worth 

Elizabeth Boehim does not have a net worth as at the moment. She is not working or doing any business at the moment. She is still in school according to sources online. 

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