If you do these things as a man, then there is no heaven for you! – Facebook Evangelist declares!


Victor Edet, a Facebook “Evangelist” has highlighted a list of things that won’t qualify men for heaven.

According to him, any man that makes dreadlocks wears tattoos, make-up, and earrings won’t make heaven. He also added that transgender and cross-dressers won’t be allowed into heaven as well.

However, he said men that practices all these will only make heaven if they repent.

The Facebook “Evangelist” made this claim on his Facebook page.

He said;

“IF you are a Man and you are wearing Earrings, Dreadlocks, Tattoos, Make-up or you are a Cross Dresser or a Transgender. I assure you, you are not getting to Heaven except you Repent”



He said

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