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Jaki Nett Where is the former playboy bunny star in 2022?

Who is Jaki Netti?

Jaki Netti otherwise known as Jacquelyn Mae Dunn was born in a baptist religious environment in the southern United States of America. She aspired to be an actress and model, but things did not go exactly as planned. Jaki Nett is 78 years old.

She is well-known as a Playboy Bunny and was one of the first women of color to be hired as one. She held the position for 12 years while also doing commercials and runway modeling.

Jaki Nett Where is the former playboy bunny star in 2022? 1

In this article, you will learn more about Jaki Nett, as well as what happened to her and what she is up to in 2022.



Jaki Nett quit her job as a Playboy Bunny after marrying her husband.

In an interview with Fox, she stated that her marriage was the primary reason she left the club.

She, on the other hand, did not want to leave the club because it housed her second family. In the same interview, she describes how the club protected her and how everyone cared for and loved her. In fact, she claims that if she had lived in Los Angeles, she would not have quit her job as a bunny.

Jaki Nett Where is the former playboy bunny star in 2022? 2

Later, after leaving, she developed uterine fibroids while pursuing another dream, yoga. According to Cinemaholic, she endured great pain and suffering both physically and mentally, and when she felt the yoga was not working, she underwent a hysterectomy in 1990.

She was also raped outside the premises of the gentlemen’s club by one of its members. According to The Guardian, the offender was barred from the club for the rest of his life after the incident was reported to the club’s management.

Jaki Nett Husband

In 1979, Jaki Nett met and married Allan while studying yoga. She resigned from Playboy Club Inc. to marry him.


Nett and Allan have been married for 42 years and have a son who is 40 years old.

She worked very hard for herself and her family; after leaving the club, she began yoga.

She first tried Iyengar yoga at the San Francisco Iyengar Yoga Institute in 1982. Jaki quickly enrolled in the IYISF Teacher Training Program and graduated in 1988 as a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher.


During her early years of Iyengar Yoga training, she was diagnosed with massive, painful, and growing uterine fibroids. Jaki’s doctor recommended that she have a hysterectomy.

This idea disgusted her because she was a “yoga teacher.” She hoped that yoga would help her with her illness.

She is now doing well and is an excellent teacher. She is very attentive when she instructs and has a friendly demeanor.


Where is Jaki Nett in 2022?

Jaki Nett, a former Playboy Bunny, now teaches and practices yoga at her institute.

In St. Helena, California, she co-owns Iyengar Yoga Napa Valley.

She has taught at IYISF for 35 years and has been a faculty member on the IYISF Teachers Training Program for 30 years. She teaches and leads retreats on a national and international scale.


In 2005, Jaki received her senior Level 1 (now Level 3) Iyengar certification. She has nearly 30 years of assessment experience. She first came to RIMYA in 1986 to study with Mr. BKS Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar, and she has returned 25 times since.

Nett has redeemed her true self and is now a happy and healthy native of Napa County, California, where she continues to develop as an independent woman, educator, wife, and mother. She has been married to her husband Allan

Jaki Nett Net Worth

Her exact net worth is unknown for now. But then she is definitely not poor. She must have amassed a decent amount of income over the years.


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