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Laurel Coppock the Toyota Girl: Background, Career, Family, and Net Worth of the 44 years old commercial star! 

Laurel Coppock the Toyota Girl: Background, Career, Family, and Net Worth of the 44 years old commercial star!  2

Who is Laurel Coppock the Toyota Girl?

Laurel Coppock Toyota girl is a television actress from the United States. She has appeared in films and television shows such as 2 Broke Girls, Crazy, Stupid, Love, Workaholics, Modern Family, and others. She is, however, best known for portraying Toyota Jan in Toyota ads.

Since 2012, Laurel has been in numerous Toyota ads and is one of the most well-known commercial stars in the United States.

Big brands tend to employ the services of celebrities in various fields for advertisement such that they become the face of the brand. 


Popular automobile company, Toyota is one of the biggest automobile brands in the world given its exquisite car designs and durability. 

Laurel Coppock

Toyota’s longevity can be attributed to the quality of automobiles it makes but it would be rather unfair if Laurel Cappock who is popularly referred to as Toyota Girl is not mentioned. 


Who is Laurel Coppock? She is the gorgeous lady that usually appears in the short but hilarious Toyota cars commercials on television. 

She has been appearing in Toyota’s television commercial since 2012 and reports suggest that she was selected out of 500 applicants that were interviewed for the job. 

Also known as Jan from Toyota, Laurel Coppock’s witty nature adds spice to the commercials which makes them interesting and very hilarious. 


Laurel Coppock the Toyota Girl: Background, Career, Family, and Net Worth of the 44 years old commercial star!  3

It may also interest you to know that Laurel Cappock is an established Nollywood actress. She has acted in movies and television shows like Hart of Dixie, 2 Broke Girls, The Office, Hot in Cleveland among a long list of others. 

However, Laurel Coppock is more famous for appearing in promotional videos of Toyota cars with the name Jan from Toyota. 


Would you like to know more about Jan from Toyota? Her background, education, career path, net worth among other interesting details about her? Then you have come to the right place, read on! 

Background and Education

Jan from Toyota Laurel Coppock was born on the 17th of July, 1977. While not much has been said of her father, her mother’s name is Susan Cappock, a Broadway dancer in New York and an actress.

Laurel Coppock is not the only child of her parents, she has two siblings, Selena, who is skilled in the art of making people laugh, and Emily, an art dealer. 


Jan from Toyota

Jan from Toyota attended Colby College where she bagged a degree in Performing Arts. She proceeded to Circle in the Square Acting Conservatory in New York where expanded her knowledge in acting.

Where was Jan from Toyota born? 

The Toyota lady, Laurel Coppock was born in Boston, Massachusetts. 


How Old is Jan from Toyota? 

Laurel Coppock is 44 years old as of 2022. She will be 45 on the 17th of July next month.  

Laurel Coppock Body Measurements 

Height: 5ft 6 inches 

Wright: 58kg


Body Measurements: 34-24-35

Work and Career 

Laurel worked in Chicago before moving to Europe. She stayed a year in Amsterdam working for the Boom Chicago creative group.

 She later moved to the USA. While remaining in LA, the entertainer started getting opportunities to exhibit her abilities on little and big screens. She was immediately seen and she appeared in different TV shows and movies.


Her first professional acting role came in 2007 where she featured in three different projects: UCB Comedy Originals, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Derek and Simon: The Show

Laurel Coppock went on to feature in major tv shows and movies like 2 Broke Girls, Modern Family, Crazy, Stupid, Love among others. She was one of the founding members of the popular comedy troupe, The Main Company – Groundlings. 

Laurel Cappock TV Shows and Movies 

  • 2007: Derek and Simon: The Show as Art gallery patron
  • 2007: Curb Your Enthusiasm as Patient
  • 2008: Downers Grove as Chatty Girl 2008: Food Chain as Janice 
  • 2008: Downers Grove as Chatty Girl Read
  • 2008: Talkshow with Spike Feresten as Hollywood Reporter 
  • 2008: The Daily Habit as Christmas Mom / Cheerleader 
  • 2011: Crazy, Stupid, Love as Sophia 
  • 2011: Workaholics as Meegan 
  • 2011: Modern Family as Miss Elaine
  • 2012: The Office as Stephanie
  • 2012: How to Cheat on Your Wife as Cosmetic Clerk
  • 2012: Zeke and Luther as Bambi McFadden 
  • 2012: 2 Broke Girls as Kara 2012: Hart of Dixie as Peggy
  • 2013: Adam Devine’s House Party as Ramona 2013: Arrested Development as Maggie 
  • 2015: Hot in Cleveland as Emily 
  • 2016: History of World…For Now as Mary Poppins/Weather Woman/Megan 
  • 2016-2017: Mike Tyson Mysteries as Cathy Walker/Amy Morgan. 

Laurel the Toyota Girl

As earlier stated, Laurel has already made a name for herself in Nollywood but her appearance as Jan from Toyota automobile made her more famous.


She was picked to do the Toyota commercial out of 500 actresses. Toyota initially offered her a year contract but that changed afterwards due to her impressive display. 

Laurel Coppock the Toyota Girl: Background, Career, Family, and Net Worth of the 44 years old commercial star!  4

When asked what it feels like to appear in a tv commercial for only 30 seconds as Jan, she said: 


She feels very well rounded and thought out. They have a long bio and back story for Jan. When the crew comes together, it feels like we are back shooting our show. It’s like Jan comes to life every three months, and then we go our own way.” 

Is Laurel Coppock still working with Toyota

The response to this inquiry is a straight yes. As the COVID-19 pandemic seethed in the United States, Coppock partook in making a public Toyota business. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Laurel Coppock 

  • Is Toyota Lady married? 

Yes, she is happily married with two kids. The name of her husband is Bobby Mort. He is an American actor, writer, and producer known for co-creating, writing, and producing the TV show Loudermilk. He appeared in movies like Circle of Pain, The Colbert Report, and Locked Down. 


She also has a baby even though she is used to keeping her private affairs off the media space. Her second pregnancy became a matter of interest when her baby bump was spotted in a commercial in 2014. 

Laurel Coppock

In a bid to keep the eyes of the public away from her private affair, when Laurel Coppock got pregnant again, her baby bump was hidden in a Toyota commercial in 2018. Toyota later confirmed that Jan was pregnant after a fan inquired from them. 


*Yes, Jan is pregnant! We are thrilled to welcome a new member into the Toyota family.”

What are the names of Jan from Toyota’s kids? 

Laurel Coppock loves privacy a lot so neither she nor her husband has revealed the names of their kids. 

Toyota Girl Net Worth

Laurel Cappock’s net worth is estimated to be in the region of $1 million. Laurel Coppock, the popular Jan from Toyota commercials has made huge progress in her profession and everyday life. Despite signing a one-year contract with the organization, she keeps working with the brand and its commercials



Laurel Cappock Toyota girl is known for keeping her personal life private, but once her baby belly was spotted in one of her advertisements for Toyota in 2014, her pregnancy became a topic of popular fascination.

Many people questioned whether her pregnancy was real or if she was acting in the commercial. In actual life, Laurel Coppock was expecting.

Coppock enjoys spending time with her children and husband, Bobby Mort. Mort is an actor, writer, and producer who has worked on a variety of projects.


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