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Meet Heidi Van Pelt, Ex-wife of former American child actor, Taran Noah Smith.

Meet Heidi Van Pelt, Ex-wife of former American child actor, Taran Noah Smith. 2

Meet Heidi Van Pelt, Ex-wife of a former American child actor, Taran Noah Smith.

In as much as Heidi Van Pelt is an American Vegan Chef, her profession didn’t make her famous neither did her background did. Heidi Van Pelt became the subject of discussion in the media as well as among internet users not because she committed a crime.

Her marriage to popular American child actor Taran Noah Smith who acted as Mark Taylor’ in one of the most talked-about sitcoms in the 1990s, Home Improvement made her name travel far and wide without a visa because of the massive age difference – 16 between their ages.

Heidi van Pelt and her husband received a wide range of criticisms from the media and fans because of their age difference and they eventually broke up afterward. Although, it is not the case that they divorced because of the criticisms about their marriage but things got sour between the couple.


Heidi Van Pelt

Heidi Van Pelt: Background and Education

She was born on the 11th of July 1968 in Missouri, United States. She grew up in her local neighborhood where she completed her elementary education. Heidi Van Pelt attended Blue Print High School, and thereafter, the Oak Park High School.

Her University/college education wasn’t exactly stable as she switched schools and careers a couple of times before she eventually settled for being a Vegan Chef.


She enrolled at Stephens College to study Design and Fashion but she didn’t complete the program as switched to the University of Missouri where she studied German and Philosophy.

Still not satisfied with one degree, Heidi Van Pelt’s dream of working with the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) pushed her to the University of Washington in 1988 where she attempted to obtain a degree in Russian Studies but she dropped out with a semester left to set up her firm, Emergent Films.

Meet Heidi Van Pelt, Ex-wife of former American child actor, Taran Noah Smith. 3

One would have thought that she would eventually settle for a career in the entertainment industry but after running the firm for a while, she abandoned it and continue her search for a stable career.


Heidi Van Pelt at some point worked as a Prop Master and Production Assistant before she eventually settled for a career in Nutrition in Los Angeles

Heidi Van Pelt as a Vegan Chef.

She has been a Vegetarian for a long so starting a career as a Vegan Chef wasn’t difficult. She met some animal rights activists, she joined their group and they supported her newfound culinary skill.

Heidi Van Pelt also took an online course from the American Academy of Nutrition to broaden her knowledge. She became a certified Nutritional Counsellor afterward which helped her secure a job at a clinic in Los Angeles.


She became fame began to spread like a wide fire when she began to co-host a radio program, “Raw Health” in the city.

Heidi Van Pelt and Taran Noah Smith

Taran Noah Smith and his friend, Zachary Ty Bryan often visited her house and the duo got to like one another even though as at that time, Taran was 18 while Heidi was 34.

Heidi Van Pelt


However, that didn’t stop their love affair as they got married in 2001 amidst severe criticisms from the public. Their marriage lasted for six years before they broke up.

We learned that Heidi criticized Taran’s unnecessary partying and affairs. Also, Taran indicted Heidi of moving their grocery business money to her private account. These summed up some of the reasons why they divorced.

Net Worth.

Her Net worth is speculated to be in the region of $300,000.


Since her divorce, she has lived a very low-key life such that not much is known about her at the moment. She is also inactive on social media.

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  1. She looks nice looking. Hope she has a proper diet though. I worry about Vegans. They can have health problems if they ignore meat entirely. I think most Vegan will mix fish and eggs into their diet to keep healthy. They just avoid eating stuff like hamburgers or hotdogs unless it’s Vegans burgers and dogs. We evolved from eating meat so it’s why many doctors recommend Vegans to eat fish and or eggs on occasion. I eat way too much meat personally. I probably should go on a slight vegan diet. Too much of anything is bad. Need a nice mix.

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