John Travolta's hair

The mystery behind John Travolta’s hair a few days after he appeared bald!

The Mystery behind John Travolta’s hair a few days after he appeared bald!

You would be amazed at how bloggers will make a full-fleshed story out of a seeming unnoticeable detail especially when it comes to the lives of celebrities. They can write about almost anything about them if given the chance just like the story around John Travolta’s hair.

There are a million and one things to write about John Travolta but the point is, because fans want to know all the details about their favourite stars, writers have no choice but to feed them with all the details they can get which is why John Travolta’s hair will be searched for on various search engine platforms.

John Travolta's hair

John Travolta is a household name in the American movie industry and he is famous for his roles as well as his looks in the movies like Saturday Night Fever and Grease where he featured as Danny Zuko.

John Travolta’s hair became a hot topic among fans after he posted a picture of his clean and well-shave hair alongside his daughters his Instagram page made many believe that he has finally joined the “bald gang” of Bruce Willis, Pitbull, Jason Statham, and Dywane Johnson, The Rock.”

The movie star appeared to have posted the picture to wish fans a happy new year in January 2019 but that didn’t exactly make the headlines but his new bald hair cut did which got much talking.

Many were surprised to see the Grease star bald which suggested that he has been wearing a wig for most of his acting career during which he has played multiple roles in different movies.

John Travolta's hair

He revealed that American rapper, Pitbull encouraged him to shave his hair.

“I did a movie years ago called From Paris With Love where I shaved it, so I got used to it, and some people got used to it. So it wasn’t a total shock,” he said. “And I became friends with Pitbull…All us guys have to stick together that do this. He encouraged it, as well. And the family encouraged it.”

While some fans were still in shock at John Travolta’s balm hair, the veteran actor surprised fans with yet another new look but this time his baldness was covered with hair which looks almost exactly like the character of Danny Zuko in Grease.

John Travolta’s hair became one of the subjects of attraction when the actor, alongside fellow Grease co-star, Olivia Newton-John partook at the “Meet and Grease” sing-along event in Florida which was held in celebration of the movie and soundtrack of the 1978 movie.

“Where did you borrow the hair from?”. “How did you grow hair 🤣, ” “He has his hair back and he looks the same,” were of the reactions that trailed John Travolta’s hair at the event.

Could be that John Travolta’s hair is a product of Lace-front wigs?

In as much as John Travolta’s rapid “hair growth” within a very short period took fans by surprise, some still fell in love with his looks as he recreated the Danny Zuko look perfectly many years after the movie was released.

Who knows, one might wake up tomorrow to find out that John Travolta has got another new look again. Whatever style the actor chooses to don, he will still be loved by his esteemed fans.




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