Why Capuacu Butter is the most sought after Skincare Ingredient and 7 beauty products that use it

Why Capuacu Butter is the most sourced-after Skincare Ingredient and 10 beauty products that use it.

There are more than a truckload of products when it comes to beauty and skincare. One might be confused at some point as regards what to buy, what soothes your skin type and a whole lot of factors. Some products might even leave your skin worse than it was because of some of its ingredients but not like the Capuacu Butter.

Everyone desires to have an all-round the clock hydrated skin as well as a skin that glows all day long just like that of a new-born baby. Products that have the Capuacu Better in them is what you need to use and say your pledge to as you start a journey to having that skin you have always wanted.

What is Capuacu Butter? Is it the same with Shea Butter? No disrespect to Shea Butter but the former is a special breed found in almost all highly-rated skin care products you have heard about.

Capuacu Better is an exotic and excellent skin moisturiser which traces its roots to the great Amazon forest in Brazil. It is made from the seeds of the Capuacu plant which is very popular in Northern Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia.

The Pulp of the Capuacu fruit is eaten in both Southern and Central America and it is used in making skincare products as well as chocolate bars, biscuits and some other edible products.

Capuacu Butter

Capuacu Butter is made or extracted by cold pressing the seeds of the Capuacu fruit after it must have fallen from its during the raining season.

One reason why Capuacu Better is one of the most sought-after ingredients when it comes to making skin care products is that it contains phytosterols whicareis collagen friendly. The combination of these two vital elements gives the skin the potentials to remain supple and good-looking for a long period.

Also, aside from helping other ingredients to perform optimally and stabilizing emulsions, the Capuacu Better is very rich in fatty acids (30-43%) which helps to improve the tone and texture of the skin.


Furthermore, Cupuacu butter consists of s flavonoids including the Grandin’s. These antioxidants protect the skin against oxidative stress associated with severe diseases and usual ageing.

Capuacu Better fits all skin types as it helps in correcting wrinkles on your skin prevents dry skin as well as restoring smoothness and suppleness to your skin.

Another vital thing you should know about the Capuacu Butter is that it holds can hold water up to four times its weight which is key in keeping the skin hydrated.

Capuacu better does not just work for skin alone, it can also be used on dry and damaged hair as well. Its power of water absorption makes it the preferable choice to lanolin.

How to use Capuacu Butter

It is used on a wide range of products such as body creams and lotions, balms, soaps and hair creams. However, a specified percentage of it is required in these products.

Bar Soaps: 3% – 6%
Hair Conditioners: 2% – 5%
Lotions & Creams: 3% – 5%
Balms: 5% – 100%

A list of products that have Capuacu Butter in them

Lush None of Your Beeswax Lip Balm

The combination of Capuacu Butter,  murumuru butter, and carnauba wax helps to not only smoother and soften the lips, it also helps in keeping it hydrated all day long.

Herbal Essences the Sleeker the Butter Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner

If have a dry and stubborn hair, then this shampoo and conditioner is the perfect one to use. It helps in softening your hair and it leaves it with deep moisturising effect.

Pura Body Naturals Cupuacu Hair Butter

Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut Cupuacu Butter Pomade

Carol’s Daughter Cupuacu Anti-Frizz Collection

Florestas IKove Amazonian Cupuacu Butter ConditionerCapuacu Butter

Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Reconstruction Butter

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