Family renounces ties with son over debt from loan sharks

Family renounces ties with son over debt from loan sharks 2

RECENTLY, a family decided to sever ties with their younger son after discovering that he had borrowed RM85,400 from more than ten different loan sharks before his disappearance.

According to a Sin Chew report, the mother said that her son had initially racked up a RM70,000 debt which her older son settled and warned loan sharks not to lend his younger brother money as his funds were exhausted.

However, it was found later through the loan sharks’ incessant calls and messages as well as a house visit, that the younger son had taken a recent loan of RM84,500 for his new car without the family’s knowledge and vanished for several days.

It is noted that the loan sharks did not take action against the family and demanded for her younger son.

The mother added that her younger son had no vices of gambling and drug addiction.

Due to the loan sharks’ unceasing badgering, the mother lodged a police report. She proceeded to post it on her front door, which triggered another set of intimidation toward the family.

It is believed that the loan sharks had taken photographs of the mother, elder son, and his employees to spread claims of defaulting their loan repayment. They also threatened to sell off the elder son’s children to pay off the debt.

The mother also warned the loan sharks not to disturb them anymore and publicly said they should settle this matter with her son.

Source – Sun Uk

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