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Singaporean man and local man quarrel over priority seating

Singaporean man and local man quarrel over priority seating 2

A middle aged Singaporean man and a young Malaysian man had gotten into a verbal spat on the Singaporean Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train system.

Wau Post reported today that from the TikTok viral video shared by username @w4yne3, the incident was presumed to have started when the Singaporean man took offense to the Malaysian man occupying the priority seat and proceeded to ask the young man if he was Malaysian.


“So what if I’m Malaysian?” the young man asked.

“So go back to your country! Go back to Malaysia! Don’t earn Singaporean dollars!” the middle-aged man rebuked.

The Singaporean then claimed the young man was disrespecting the elderly by taking up their spot whereas the young man retorted that there were no other senior citizens in sight at the time hence why he took the seat however the situation went from bad to worse when the middle aged man was challenged to fight with the young man egging him on to strike if he was brave enough.


While the middle aged man refused, he did not back down from verbally abusing him and yelled for the young man to go back to Malaysia to which the young one responded he was planning to do so but then threatened the older man to watch his back if he steps foot out of his house.

Following the viral video, many TikTok users have imparted their comments online reprimanding the middle aged man for unnecessarily picking on the Malaysian man and pointed out that it is okay for the young man to occupy priority seats if there are no elderlies around.


Source – Sun Uk


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