Liverpool blame Atletico Madrid fans for rise of Coronavirus cases in England

The city of Liverpool has seen Coronavirus cases rise following Wednesday’s Champions League tie and fingers are being pointed at the travelling Atletico Madrid.

Los Rojiblancos took around 3,000 supporters to Anfield from Madrid, which has been badly hit by the virus outbreak in recent days.

The Liverpool Echo has reported that the number of Coronavirus cases on Merseyside has risen by three to 13 in the last 24 hours.

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Liverpool fan and public health export John Ashton didn’t go to Wednesday’s match and spoke to the BBC afterwards.

“I’m tearing my hair out with this,” he said.

“We’ve got Madrid, where they are playing games behind closed doors, and you’ve got 3,000 supporters, in town, staying over in Liverpool and drinking in the bars.

“A proportion of those will be Coronavirus positive and we will now have people being infected in Liverpool tonight because of that.”

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