Relive the moments of Cristiano Ronaldo’s finest goals as he turns 36 today! Video👇

Cristiano Ronaldo, a boy with an empty pocket but with a truckload of dreams and aspirations so many years ago on the island of Madeira, Portugal has not just achieved to those dreams but also surpassed them.

As it stands, every goal Cristoano Ronaldo scores is a record as he now holds the most official goals scored in senior competitions with 762.

The records of Cristiano Ronaldonis as long as the Mississippi if not more than and the bewildering thing is that he is showing no sign of retiring soon at the age of 36.

On this day, 36 years ago, a global superstar and humanitarian was born and his name has not left the pages of tabloids or tv screens owing to how he has been consistent for close to decades.

Relive the moments of some of his finest goals over the years.


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