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Luxury vehicle parked illegally, gets shredded

Luxury vehicle parked illegally, gets shredded 2


THE Myvi may be considered by many Malaysians as the “king of the road”, but luxury vehicles such as the Vellfires and Alphards are quickly catching up to the former’s notoriety.

After a series of videos that showcased various MPVs breaking the law through road bullying and erratic, dangerous driving made their rounds during the Raya balik kampung season, a Vellfire driver recently added their name to the list by simply choosing the wrong place to park.

A video posted by TikTok user @ayin8686 captured footage of a Toyota Vellfire that was illegally parked at the side of the road, below an underpass.


Blocking traffic on an entire lane, the Vellfire is seen with the body panels on one side of the vehicle completely shredded, presumably caused by another larger vehicle – like a lorry – attempting to drive squeeze through the unobstructed right lane.

Though it was speculated that the Rapid KL bus seen passing by in the video caused the “shredding” of the Vellfire, Rapid KL’s Facebook page has affirmed that none of its buses caused the damage.

Double parking and illegal parking by the road is all too common in Malaysia, but this takes the cake, and many Malaysians in the TikTok comments agree.

One user said: “If you’re using a vehicle worth more than RM200,000, valet parking should be affordable”.


A user on the Rapid KL post commented: “Even if it was your bus, there is nothing wrong. It’s a warning for those that park on their own whim.

There was a unifying voice in this being a lesson for those that practice similar illegal parking habits.



Source – Sun Uk

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