Malaysia is world’s 13th most preferred country for migration

Malaysia is world's 13th most preferred country for migration 2


MALAYSIA ranks 13th on the list of the world’s most wanted nations to migrate to, according to a recent survey conducted by Comparethemarket Australia, an Australian pricing comparison website. did a survey on the most sought nations for relocation. This study revealed that citizens of Singapore and the Maldives choose Malaysia as a relocation destination.

They did this by analysing Google search data for relocation phrases in each nation across the world. The website examined each nation’s annual search traffic for phrases like houses in (country), (country) property, relocating and moving to (country) to determine the world’s most desired places to migrate to. According to the report, Malaysia is the 13th most desirable country to migrate to.

Meanwhile, Canada topped the list of the most desirable nations to migrate to, followed by Japan and Singapore. Nigeria, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, Italy, and Myanmar are among the least desirable nations to relocate.

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Source – Sun Uk

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