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Sarai Burgos, Bernice Burgos’ daughter latest biography

Sarai Burgos, Bernice Burgos' daughter latest biography 2
Sarai Burgos, Bernice Burgos' daughter latest biography 3
Sarai Burgos is the younger daughter of model Bernice Burgos. Image Source: Social Media.

Sarai Burgos is a name that is not commonly heard. Unless her mother, the legendary model Bernice Burgos is mentioned, many people have no idea who she is.

Despite the fact that she has led a private life and little is known about her, Burgos has earned renown as a result of her mother and sister’s celebrity. Here’s what we know about Bernice Burgos’ younger daughter, Sarai, despite her existence being shrouded in secrecy.

Family and childhood

Sarai Burgos was born ten years after her older sister, Ashley Burgos, in 2006. Sarai’s mother is a teen mother who has had a difficult time raising her two children. Despite her youth, Bernice managed to offer a wonderful life for her two girls.


Bernice Burgos, Sarai’s mother, was barely 15 when she became pregnant with her older sister Ashley. For becoming a teen mother, the young mother recounts being booted out of her grandmother’s home and forced to live with her boyfriend’s family. Even so, she had to put in a lot of effort around the house in exchange for food and a place to sleep.

For the sake of her child, the influencer had to mature and become an adult, even though she was only a teenager. The fight was never over. Bernice Burgos had to drop out of school and work to support her daughter due to the stress of parenthood at such a young age.

Sarai Burgos, Bernice Burgos' daughter latest biography 4
Sarai Burgos’s mother, Bernice faced many struggles during her early life but she overcame them to provide for her family. Image Source: Bernice’s Instagram.

Sarai Burgos‘ mother worked as a bartender while taking modest modeling gigs after she graduated from high school. Soon after, the model was scouted to be a “video vixen” for a number of rappers’ music videos. Her celebrity grew as a result of the roles she played, and she was soon generating money like she’d never made before.


Bernice was able to raise Sarai and Ashley with ease because of the steady flow of income, giving them a more comfortable living. Sarai Burgos’ father, on the other hand, has not been a part of her life and hence has not been mentioned.

Furthermore, rumors suggest that the baby child was born into an abusive relationship, which could explain why she has been separated from her father.

Bernice Burgos has been determined about keeping Sarai’s life private until she is able to make her own decision about whether or not she wants to be known to the world. Sarai has been missing from social media networks as a result, and finding her is difficult.


Bernice also reconciled with her family members and now has a good relationship with them. Sarai and Ashley were able to spend time with their grandma and great-grandmother, which is obviously fantastic news.

Sarai Burgos career and net worth

Sarai has been able to enjoy a luxurious life despite her young age because of her mother’s excellent work. Sarai Burgos’ net worth is naturally reliant on her mother, Bernice Burgos’ fortune, given she is a juvenile.

The mother of two is reported to be worth a significant sum of money and is more than capable of providing a pleasant life for her kids. Numerous modeling gigs, magazine front page features, and her employment as a music video vixen have helped the adolescent parent build her money.

Sarai Burgos, Bernice Burgos' daughter latest biography 5
Sarai Burgos’s mother and sister started the sleepwear brand Bold and Beautiful and she might follow in their footsteps. Photo Source: Bernice’s Instagram.

Sarai Burgos’ mother even participated on an episode of MTV’s Wild ‘n Out, when she competed against Lil Durk and Nick Cannon. Bernice has also established herself as an actress, thanks to her appearance in True to the Game 2.

Sarai’s mother is a successful businesswoman in addition to her modeling career. Bernice and Sarai’s sister Ashley founded the Bold and Beautiful Sleepwear company. The brand is incredibly body inclusive, with clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. The following are some of the items they sell in their shop.

Item Price
The Sunshine Dress$30.00
The Red Light Slippers$25.00
Signature Socks$12.00
The Bubblegum Set$42.00

Sarai Burgos will have a tremendous support system when she decides to start her own business someday, with such excellent people to influence her. Her mother and sister will always be there to guide and assist her, no matter what field she chooses.


Sarai Burgos relationships

Sarai Burgos has always desired to be private, despite her family’s celebrity. The young kid has never allowed herself to be seen in public and has kept her personal problems hidden from prying eyes of the admirers. As a result, little is known about the model’s daughter’s dating life.

Sarai Burgos’ boyfriend’s identity and existence are unclear, but she is undoubtedly too young to get married. Sarai’s mother and sister are also young mothers, so they may try to steer her away from the tough route of being a teenage mother.

Because the mother-daughter combination has firsthand experience with society’s stigma, they can do anything to keep the younger daughter from experiencing what they did.


Sarai’s relationship status is unknown, but her mother’s dating life has been widely documented for quite some time. Bernice Burgos had previously been romantically linked to rapper Drake. The Canadian musician was reportedly head over heels in love with the mother of two and even proposed to her.

Bernice has also been linked to rapper T.I., whose association with him led to his divorce from his then-wife, Tiny. However, none of the parties involved have ever corroborated these reports. Burgos even took to Instagram to refute the charges, claiming that she was not in a relationship with T.I.

Sarai Burgos may be single, but that does not rule out the possibility of meeting her soulmate. On the contrary, the young girl may soon meet the man she was meant to be with and they may live happily ever after. We wish her the best and hope that she has the finest life possible, whenever that may be.



  • Sarai Burgos has a living great-great-grandmother.
  • Bernice Burgos had surgery soon after Sarai was born in order to keep her figure.
  • Despite the fact that Bernice is already a grandma, Sarai’s mother has expressed her desire for a third child.

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