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BBNaija Season 7: Amaka’s crush, Phyna, hypes Biggie; other highlights from first Diary Session

BBNaija Season 7: Amaka’s crush, Phyna, hypes Biggie; other highlights from first Diary Session 2
BBNaija Season 7: Amaka’s crush, Phyna, hypes Biggie; other highlights from first Diary Session 3

Big Brother Naija season seven entered its third day on Thursday with Level 2 housemates having their first diary sessions with Biggie.

The impression in the house is that they are all up for eviction following Biggie’s prank about the fake nominations this week.

Groovy was the first housemate for this season’s show and was up first for the diary session. Groovy said being the first in the house is a big deal for him and also expressed surprise at meeting the housemates from the Level 1 house during the HOH games.


Beauty told Biggie that she was settling in very well and that the experience of being in the house was real. She said her journey to being a Level Up Housemate was unexpected. Adding to the unexpected was the revelation of the second house during the HoH games.

Khalid told Biggie that the prospect of coming into the house was scary for him but that he challenged himself to conquer the jitters.

Ilebaye, who promised the Gen Z vibe, told Biggie that she was here to get the money. The criminology graduate noted that she gets along with everyone except for Christy O because she can’t figure her, adding that she found Kess a bit annoying, too.


Cyph, in his session, told Big Brother that the Level 2 house felt smaller though he was ok with it since he has lived in small spaces before. He promptly added, “I love the art job!”. Biggie jokingly said he would contact him next time for architectural tips.

Amaka’s crush

Then came Amaka, “Makkie Billions”, who didn’t disappoint with her session. She told Biggie that the house has conflicting ideas with minds clashing. After expressing how badly she wanted to be in the House, Amaka also exclaimed that the Level 1 boys are hotter than the ones in Level 2.

“Biggie, my thought is that you ran us street. My thought is that the level 1 boys are hotter than our boys. I don’t know if this was a purposeful action, but really, I was unhappy. On second thought, I was happy because I could focus,” she said.


During his session, Kess told Biggie that this was his year to win the money. He said being on the show meant a step up in his life and a general improvement. Kess admitted that he felt more driven to win when asked about the other house.

Daniella told Biggie that the house felt like home already. When Biggie asked how she felt about her counterparts, she said the Level 1 housemates seemed more agile and spontaneous and outwardly expressive. Whereas with Level 2 Housemates, Biggie would have to see them perform.

Pharmsavi, in his session, recounted the moment he received the Big Brother Level Up invitation. He told Bigge that the Lockdown phase was fantastic and that he was happy to be here.


He said he sees the opportunity as a chance to showcase his potential. Pharmsavi has big plans for the future and hopes to leverage his Big Brother tenure to see them to fruition.

Phyna, the hype girl, didn’t mince her words during her diary session when she expressed her disapproval of Amaka. She told Biggie about the altercation she had with her but also said that she wouldn’t let anything jeopardise her time in the House. After telling Biggie of her four-year journey of trying to get into the House, she revealed to her, “Big Brother na Jesus Christ on earth.”

Bryann told Biggie that this show was a chance for him to showcase his abilities. Appreciative of the opportunity to be in the house, Bryann explained the dynamic in the house and how it has been working so far. Whether he was referring to how it fits into his strategy is yet to be seen.


Christy O was the last into the Diary Room. She expressed how happy she was to be in the house. When Biggie probed about her impressions of her counterparts in Level 1, she said she saw so much speed from the Level 1 guys.

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