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Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry: autopsy analysed 

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry: autopsy analysed  2
Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry: autopsy analysed  3

Daniel Patry story (Gabriel Kuhn also)

Daniel Patry was brutally assaulted, tormented, and killed in cold-blood by a 12-year-old boy named Gabriel Kuhn in 2007 in Blumenau, Brazil.

Daniel Patry has been an uncontrollable child, to the place where his folks needed to send him to mental meetings. He didn’t go to the meetings and surprisingly exited school. Therefore, he used to remain at home and play Tibia, an internet based pretending game.


Daniel Patry ought to be living uninhibitedly right now. Regardless of the way he saw his issue without regret, he was simply condemned to three years in prison for his horrible crime, according to reports. He was censured by many reporters for his anti-social conduct.

At the point when the court inquired if he had any last remarks before being condemned to jail, he said that he would finish his revenge on Daniel Patry in hellfire. He felt no remorse toward the guardians of a little child whom he had killed.

The virtual cash, worth just $1.75, was never reimbursed, however it cost the existence of a young child. Nonetheless, his careful date of birth is yet to be revealed on the internet.


The details of the killer have not been unveiled by the specialists because of different security concerns. Subsequently, there isn’t a lot of data accessible on Daniel. Daniel Patry was born in Blumenau, Brazil. At the point when Daniel Patry was captured in 2007, he was 16 years of age. Thus, by 2021, he has developed.

Daniel Patry appears to have steady and superb guardians. Nonetheless, his folks’ personality is yet to be revealed via online media. Due to various security reasons, the police have not delivered the culprit’s very own subtleties. Therefore, little data about Daniel’s folks is available.


The news is once again focused on an old murder case that has sparked a lot of interest among internet users. Yes, we’re referring to a murder case from 2007 in which two teens were involved, one of whom died. The case has just come to light again.

People are curious about what happened in 2007 once the matter was brought to light online. The assassination of a 12-year-old boy by a 16-year-old was startling and distressing. This article goes over the full story, including the students who were part of it.

After the autopsy report, the murder of Gabriel Kuhn has become the talk of the town once more. Another homicide case claimed his life. The murder occurred in 2007, however due to certain circumstances, people are becoming interested in the case. According to sources, the adolescent was killed at their home and died of grievous injuries. The matter attracted a lot of public attention at the time. Find out more about Gabriel Kuhn’s death.


On December 25, 2021, information regarding Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry was updated: Autopsy Pictures and Story Explained.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry: What Happened to Them?

Gabriel Kuhn, 12, was murdered by Daniel Patry, 16, after being tormented and harassed for over a month, according to sources. Blumenau, Brazil, was the site of the incident. The whole thing started because of a game called Tibia.

Daniel killed Gabriel, according to some stories, because he wanted money after Gabriel took money from him to use in the game and then refused to pay him back.


During the investigation, it was discovered that Daniel had been a brat throughout his childhood and that his parents had tried to get him to go to psychiatric therapy, but he refused.

Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn Daniel began playing an online role-playing game called Tibia with his buddies Gabriel and Stephen. While they were both playing the game, Gabriel, a neighborhood kid, befriended Daniel. Gabriel once asked Daniel for 20,000 virtual cash while playing Tibia. Daniel agreed to lend him money on one condition: he must return it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Daniel continued calling his mother to find out when she would be back. Gabriel kept him from contacting the other members of their gang by refusing to refund the money.


Daniel was furious, and he dialed his mother’s number to inquire about her plans to return to Nova Trento. On the night of the crime, his mother was in Nova Trento around 9 p.m. (TIM).

Following that, he went to Gabriel’s house and knocked on the door, but it was locked. Daniel informed him that if he apologized to him, everything would be fine. Gabriel unlocked the door because he believed what he said was true.

After entering the house and locking the door behind him, Daniel assaulted Gabriel. He viciously assaulted him. He was drenched in blood after that, and Daniel began to chuckle.


Daniel became even more enraged when Gabriel threatened to divulge some of his family secrets, so he took a string and wrapped it around Gabriel’s neck. Keep an eye on this space for further information.

Gabriel Kuhn: who was he?

Patry’s parents accepted their son’s belligerence and even took him to a psychiatrist, but he didn’t finish the session and dropped out of therapy in the middle. He is constantly chastised at school for skipping lessons and failing to attend school. He was so addicted to the game Tibia that he would skip school and other occasions only to participate in it online. While playing the game, he met Gabriel and borrowed 20,000 virtual cash from Patry. He begged Gabriel to repay the money as soon as possible, but Gabriel failed to do so and even blocked him.

Daniel was offended and went to his house, despite Gabriel’s refusal to answer the door. Daniel promised Gabriel that if he apologized to him, he would not speak to him again. Gabriel entered Daniel’s jargon and opened the door from the inside, which Daniel entered and closed. He then viciously beat him, and Gabriel tried to intimidate him by threatening to divulge his house secret to the public, but his ruse backfired, and Daniel became enraged, killing Gabriel. This is the full tale of Gabriel Khun’s assassination. Daniel Patry is unknown to us at this time.


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