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Glenn Villeneuve: Meet the main cast of Life Below Zero

Glenn Villeneuve: Meet the main cast of Life Below Zero 2

Glenn Villeneuve: Meet the main cast of Life Below Zero

The name Glenn Villeneuve is somehow intertwined with Life Below Zero. In this article, we would take a look at what Glenn Villeneuve has to do with Life Below Zero dissecting both.

Glenn Villeneuve personal life


Glenn Villeneuve is an American citizen who was born in Burlington, Vermont on the 18th of August 1969 which makes him 51-years-old. He is a TV personality, Hunter, nomad, and survivalist.

Glenn Villeneuve’s oldest children – daughter Willow Leaves, who was born in 2006, and son Wolf Song, who followed in 2009 were a fruit of his previous marriage to the unknown woman. They divorced after they started having differences as she presumably left Alaska and went back to the usual urban way of life.

Glenn Villeneuve: Meet the main cast of Life Below Zero 3


Glenn Villeneuve eventually embarked on a journey to find someone who would understand and support his lifestyle and met his new wife named Trisha Kazan. Trisha ended up moving to Alaska in 2014 together with Amelia a daughter from her previous relationship.

They have a daughter named Agatha and Trisha was featured in many of the show’s episodes together with her husband. His wife and four children live together in the cabin and are happy together. they move to the hut When the weather is cold.

Glenn Villeneuve life below zero


The question that always pops up is that what is so exciting about Glenn Villeneuve and how is it connected to Life Below Zero. Life Below Zero is a popular documentary series that airs on the National Geographic channel. Life Below Zero is a TV show that depicts the lives of hunters who try to survive in remote areas of Alaska.

Glenn Villeneuve: Meet the main cast of Life Below Zero 4

Glenn Villeneuve is one of the cast members of the show who faces daily challenges while living in remote and wild regions. The show reveals the routine activities of hunters who plan to survive in the remote areas of Alaska.


Glenn Villeneuve grew up in the forest distant from society and had a background that was secluded. He defines himself as a nomad, he is self-taught as he never went to school, but. he learned how to communicate with other people, read and talk. in 1999 decided to live in the wilderness when he moved to Alaska and settled down. Glenn Villeneuve lives in the wilderness and has already got accustomed to this way of life.

This all led to him having his own show titled Life Below Zero as many people are fascinated with the concept of living far away from civilization. In Life Below Zero the story of Glenn Villeneuve made people look at life from a new angle as he showed his everyday struggles and spoke about all the aspects of the subsistence living in his cabin life.

Life Below Zero started when Glenn Villeneuve was noticed by a production team. The show Life Below Zero portrayed the daily lives of a few subsistence hunters who chose Alaska as their place of residence and lived far away from civilization.


Glenn Villeneuve: Meet the main cast of Life Below Zero 5

In May 2013 Life Below Zero show was launched on National Geographic Channel and Glenn Villeneuve appeared in more than 80 episodes of the show became the main character along with Jessie Holmes the fisherman and hunter who lives with 40 sleddogs and races with them; Erik Salitan – the young man who lives in Wiseman and is devoted to the wilderness, Sue Aikens the only resident of Kavir river camp in Northern Alaska, Andy Bassich – the man who lives on Yukon River with 25 sleddogs; Ricko DeWilde – the Alaskan Native resident who lives in an abandoned cabin close to Huslia, Chip and Agnes Hailstone – the couple with seven children that live on the Kobuk River, close to the Arctic Circle.

On the show, Glenn revealed that he has been used to this routine since he was a child and many will definitely agree that his way of life is far from traditional.  Glenn Villeneuve was informed by the producers that they have no plans for him anymore and finally departed from the show after being there for 11 seasons. His fans, were not happy with such a decision, as they grew to love and care for this charismatic TV personality however he was very understanding about it as he was well-accustomed to the subsistence lifestyle.


Because of his unpredictable way of life rumors appear in the media of his possible death. he once survived wolf attacks it could be really dangerous sometimes and Glenn Villeneuve has been educating people about all the perks of his way of living For years.

Glenn Villeneuve leads an unconventional way of life, in the winter the average low temperature is 22 below zero which many people may not understand The TV star enjoys hiking and going on walks with his children, and shares his love for the outdoors with them.

Glenn Villeneuve: Meet the main cast of Life Below Zero 6


In a Nat Geo question and answer session, he said, “I’ve always been independent, and I really like the autonomy of being able to live in the wilderness by myself. I enjoy learning, and I continue to learn and explore more and more each year.

“It’s exciting to learn new skills and practice them. I also think the connection to nature is more real — I’d rather wake up in the morning and look out and see an owl in a nest, than look at it on TV. It’s been really rewarding for me, even if there’s a lot of work involved.”

People loved him for his immense courage and strength to survive in the wild. Many fans believed that he was dead as he had lived quite an unpredictable life which led to the cancellation of the show.


According to numerous sources Glenn Villeneuve was worth an estimated $500,000 which includes income from the reality show and also real estate. The story of Glenn Villeneuve offers a different outlook about the world in which we live in which is properly expressed through his lifestyle on Life below Zero. He provided an insight into the deep ends of the earth and the mysteries and myths people are interested in.

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