Jailyne Ojeda’s Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Latest News 

Jailyne Ojeda’s Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Latest News  2

Jailyne Ojeda’s Age is one of many information that will be discussed on this post by Naijasuperfans.com

Jailyne Ojeda is one of many young people the internet has made popular. It is safe to say she is a social media or internet personality who has tons of followers on her pages based on the content she shares. 

Aside from being a social media influencer, Jailyne Ojeda is a model and brand ambassador. She uploads modeling and lifestyle videos on her respective pages as she connects with her fans and potential clients. 

Jailyne Ojeda is also a business owner. She owns two brands known as Snatched by Jailyne and Hair Growth by Jailyne. 

Jailyne Ojeda’s age is frequently searched as her followers attempt to get more details about her beyond her profession. She has been around for a short while but she has been influential to an extent. 

Naijasuperfans.com will provide all you need to know about Jailyne Ojeda’s age in this post. You will also get to know how she started her career, her net worth, relationship status among other information. 

Jailyne Ojeda’s age/birthday 

Jailyne Ojeda’s age as of 2024 is 26. The social media influencer and model was born on January 9, 1998. 


Aside from Jailyne Ojeda’s age, there is a need to know about where she is from. Jailyne Ojeda was born in Arizona although she has roots in Sinaloa, Mexico. Her mother’s name is Dulce. 

Jailyne Ojeda didn’t grow alone. She has two siblings: a boy and a girl. The names of Jailyne Ojeda’s siblings are Johnny and Alexia Merari. 

As per her religion, Jailyne Ojeda is a Christian. 

Jailyne Ojeda's Age


Jailyne Ojeda is 5 inches and 5 ft tall and weighs 58kg. Her body measurement is 34-33-36. 


Jailyne Ojeda is a business woman with two companies. She owns a clothing brand named “Santached by Jailyne.” The brand focuses on making outfits for women or young ladies who want to look “snatched” in their looks. She also has a hair growth brand. The hair brand is not gender or age specific as it is meant to improve the health of one’s hair. 

As a social media influencer, model and brand ambassador, she has worked for various brands and she has done promotions for different nightclubs in Arizona. She has also promoted different clothing products like swim and gym wear. 

Jailyne Ojeda has also appeared in some music videos. 

Social media 

Jailyne Ojeda is active across various social media platforms. She is on Instagram with over 14m followers on her page. She is also on X with over 450k followers. Her TikTok account has 18m followers and over 340m likes. 

She also has a self-named YouTube channel with 353k subscribers. The channel was created in 2015. 

Who is Jailyne Ojeda’s boyfriend? 

Jailyne Ojeda is in a relationship at the moment but she hasn’t revealed the name of the man whom she claims has been very supportive of her. She also added that they have been friends for five years before dating. 

Jailyne Ojeda’s Age, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Latest News  3

Net worth 

What is Jailyne Ojeda’s net worth? According to various sources online, her net worth is estimated to be $5m as of 2023. She is not just a social media influencer and model, she is also a business owner. She makes money from all of these and also her TikTok and YouTube channel. 

Quick facts 

  • Jailyne Ojeda is managed by SouthWest Modeling agency. 
  • She has never used a public toilet while sitting. Instead, she always squats. 
  • Jailyne Ojeda and Jason Derulo worked together for the “chair challenge” in late 2019 and the “fish challenge” in March 2020.
  • She bought her father a Raptor car which has always been his dream car. 
  • Most of her posts on social media are paid for. 

Ryan Garcia and Jailyne Ojeda Scuffle 

Popular boxer Ryan Garcia and social media influencer Jailyne Ojeda recently had a misunderstanding where the latter accused the former of forcefully trying to kiss her while he was drunk after taking a picture with him. 

Jailyne Ojeda claimed that the boxer made her uncomfortable when they met. 

However, in a fierce rebuttal contained in a now deleted X post, Ryan Garcia said the Jailyne is trying attempting to frame him. 

“And now ima have to expose her major for trying to frame like I even came to remotely making her feel a way…Lmfao you can’t make this shit up…She was feeling me major…She tries her best to seem different from the rest and play hard to get when she isn’t she is a bird brain” 

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