Meet the Axis T220 and be amazed by its mouthwatering features and specs. 


Being the flag bearer of the Axis brand is not just by coincidence or chance because of the high standard that has been set by previous models in every category especially in terms of technological innovations. 

The Axis T220 retires the T22 on all fronts, it is bigger and better and it comes with enhanced on-water performance and of course a handful of Axis intuitiveness as well. 

Axis T220

One of the most striking elements on the Axis T220 is the Dash which is available on all 2022 Axis models. The 7-inches touch screen has all the vital information the captain needs to ensure that you and our family have an amazing cruise. 


Jack Springer, CEO of Malibu Boats, shared his thoughts on the Axis T220 boat; 

“The all-new Axis T220 is a feat of engineering and design that is almost impossible to match”

“There’s a lot of competition in the mid-size boat market but no one offers the high level of performance, innovation, comfort, and convenience that the T220 has. And that’s not even mentioning the first-ever Axis touch screen. The T220 truly has no equal on the water today and we’re very proud to bring it to our family of Axis customers.”


The new touch screen is aided by tactile buttons for instant access to functions and menus the captain will be using all the time, including the digital instrument cluster, settings, backlight, and so much more.

At just under 22 feet long with a 102-inch beam, the T220 has enough room for 15 passengers between the lounge and bow.

The bold lines design on the exterior will instantly capture your attention. Every feature of the Adis T220 will continue to amaze you. 


The extra freeboard on this boat offers a more comfortable and enjoyable ride on the water along with deeper interior space for more comfortable seating, as well as more storage space under the seats.

 The Axis T220 comprises hinged seats in the cockpit area for faster and more convenient access to your underseat storage. 

The Adis T220 also has SurSpecificationsearable wave control that gives the rider the opportunity to personalise their own wave while they’re riding. 




They can modify their wave with Power Wedge III, nudge speed up or down, increase or decrease the speaker volume—and most outstanding—change their surf side on demand for excellent timing on transfers from side to side. 

Features and Spefications of the Axis T220

  • Seating Capacity: 15 persons
  • Fuel Capacity: 58 gallons
  • Max factory ballast: 2,702 lbs
  • Prop: 15″
  • Base Engine: M5Di
  • Length overall: 21′ 11″
  • Beam: 102″
  • Dry weight: 4,864 lbs
  • Hinged seat cushions in cockpit area
  • New docking light design
  • Sliding skybox seating with optional lean backs
  • Updated cupholder thermoform Look
  • 3 geGelcoatchemes (flip Side, straight up, and tricked out)
  • 15″ prop
  • 7′” Garmin touch screen (brand new dash design)
  • Optional Sport Dash command buttons
  • Optional rear pop up ski pylon
  • Removable trash can added to the walkthroug

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