See the face mask that can translate 8 languages and make calls (video)

See the face mask that can translate 8 languages and make calls (video)

The deadly Coronavirus Pandemic has brought about the need for social distancing and wearing face masks.

The face masks are to help in the spread or transmission from positive Coronai=virus patients to those who do not have it yet.

While wearing face masks is still been seen as an obstacle in this part of the world, in advanced countries innovators are taking steps to make the wearing of face masks more acceptable by the majority.

In a report by CNN, some new innovators have mixed the wearing of face masks with artificial intelligence.

The decision to do so is mainly to solve the problems regular face masks have created.

The new face mask was created in Japan by a start-up called donut robotics

The face mask can translated into eight different languages.

It can be hard to hear what people are saying because of the normal face masks, but this new mask can translate and links with a phone via Bluetooth.

Other new masks ideas include making people look more like themselves, and some using eggplants to make a biodegradable mask.

Watch video below


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