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Who is Erica Casher, why was she fired from job? Wiki, biography, age, husband, and viral video

Who is Erica Casher, why was she fired from job? Wiki, biography, age, husband, and viral video 2
Who is Erica Casher, why was she fired from job? Wiki, biography, age, husband, and viral video 3
Erica Casher

Erica Casher biography and Wiki 

Erica Casher became a social media sensation (some sources have written her name as Erika Casher). Her skills were confirmed by several social media users, identifying her as a registered nurse. “I’m apprehensive about putting [masks] on kids,” Casher said in an interview with WKRN News. Obviously, they did in Williamson County, as I witnessed. COVID is undeniably genuine. That is something I am aware of as a healthcare provider. But I understand. For the past year, he has been abusing our individual liberties. He also stated that masks should be chosen by the parents.

Many people on social media chastised Erica Casher for her immature behavior. “…. How heartless do you have to be to laugh at a child who is talking about his grandmother’s sad death? At a demonstration for, of all things, CHILDREN. This just goes to show that these people don’t actually care about the things they’re advocating for. It isn’t about the children. It’s about us vs them, and one Reddit user posted the toddler tantrum of “You can’t tell me what to do!!” “Why are there so many idiots in the healthcare industry?” said another.

Who is Erica Casher, why was she fired from job? Wiki, biography, age, husband, and viral video 4
Erica Casher

“How ironic is it that I have a sign that says ‘Let our kids smile’ and laugh at a horrible occurrence this kid talked about?” one person observed. “Of all the goodbye posts, I believe this one has been the most satisfying so far.” “Some people are just rotten,” one Twitter user remarked, adding, “A good rule of thumb is that the decent folks don’t laugh at 15-year-olds who tell of their grandmother’s death.”


Erica Casher received backlash for trolling teen

A Tennessee high school kid makes a passionate demand for masks in a video that has gone viral on social media, for the health and well-being of himself, his family, and his classmates. Grady Knox stated in his guilty plea that his grandma died of Covid “because someone wasn’t wearing a mask.” However, behind him, an adult woman mocks him.

Knox was one of seven kids who petitioned the Rutherford County Board of Education to make the masks obligatory earlier this week, at a hearing on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021. However, some in the school board meeting audience ridicule, if not scorn, Knox in the video that has gone viral on social media. When he revealed his grandmother died of Covid-19 after being exposed to someone without a mask, Erica Casher, who was seated behind him with a ‘Let Out Kids Smile’ placard, chuckled. She became viral, and many social media users demanded that she be fired for her actions.

Grady Knox was one of six Central Magnet School kids who were gathered by his classmate Will Severn to speak out in favor of masks. “I am concerned about my family,” Knox stated in his remarks. If I get Covid, I’ll tell my family, and I talk to my grandparents frequently. I don’t want to give them COVID since they are at higher risk than I am.” “This time last year, my grandmother, who was a teacher in the Rutherford County school system, died of COVID because someone wasn’t wearing a mask,” he continued. Casher’s laugh is now being played.


Despite the boos, Knox stayed composed and took a little pause. The chairman of the board, Coy Young, spoke while the audience continued to boo. “Hey fellas,” Young said, “we’re here to act professionally.” His grandma supposedly died of Covid-19 at the Adams Place retirement facility in Murfreesboro. Grady Knox’s father, Kerry Knox, stated she had pulled out of a position as an English teacher at Oakland High School before that.

“If we don’t have a mask mandate, this will continue.” This year, contact tracing has been a major issue for kids because we all know that if we do it, we would lose at least a week of school. “We’re going to lose a week of education, a week of touch with the teacher,” Knox continued. “This is a preventable problem, and not wearing masks in classrooms is reckless.” People are being killed by us. This is not something we should do for our pupils’ education. He concluded, “Thank you.”

Erica Casher was supposedly sacked from her position at Cigna, according to an unverified tweet. One social media user added, “Just an update, an acquaintance who works with @Cigna has verified that #ErikaCasher was fired yesterday.” MEAWW, on the other hand, cannot independently validate this data.


“They will overlook the whole thing, @cigna is such a massive company that a person acting foolish who is a cog in the wheel will not get a mention of them until their actions drop and they are cornered in a corner,” the user stated when several people requested for proof. If it was at a higher level, it would be a different story.”

Social media’s reaction to Erica Casher’s trolling 

Erica Casher became viral on social media when she laughed at Knox for saying he lost his grandmother because someone wasn’t wearing the mask. The lady has been identified as a registered nurse. Casher told WKRN News that she was concerned about the basic protocols of COVID-19, and that COVID is real. She was well aware of this as a healthcare provider. However, throughout the course of the previous year, the basic COVID-19 protocols were exploited to take away the liberties of numerous people. She went on to say that the mask should be chosen by the parents.

Many individuals on social media branded her immature. “How cruel the way you joked over his grandmother’s sad death?” someone asked in her video. Her actions have been questioned by numerous people. Some have said that this is why such people are unconcerned with the cause they are advocating. It’s not about the kids; it’s about us versus them. Someone had said, “How ironic is this?” She is holding a sign that reads “Let our Kids Smile” while giggling at the spokesperson.


Keith Olbermann, who has more than 999,700 followers on Twitter, was one of those who identified the woman in the video as Erika Casher, writing on Twitter, “Hey @cigna, why is your employee Erika Casher laughing at this grieving young man who is 10 times as smart and 10000 times as human as she is? And why is she still your employee? #BoycottCigna.” The video in question has been viewed millions of times.

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