Watch residents panic as Amen Estate comes under attack by dangerous mob [Video]

The tranquillity of upscale Amen Estate in Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos was shattered early on Monday morning when a dangerous mob armed with weapons attacked the residents.

A resident raised the alarm around 11:30am that the Estate was under attack.

“Armed boys are at our estate gate. We are hearing gun shots. Dunno if its police or the boys,” she wrote in a panic text to friends.

Though she admitted the Estate is heavily guarded by Mobile policemen as well as private security personnel, she was confused as to the source of the sporadic gunshots coming from the entrance to the Estate.

A while later she reported sighting Babatunde Gbadamosi, Chairman of Redbrick Homes Limited, developers of Amen estates driving in a convoy of armed men towards the scene of the incident.

A video later surfaced of the mob trying to knock down the gate while shouting profanities at the residents.

According to information, the mob was eventually dispersed by the security operatives but they promised to return at a later date.


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