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How Fuji king, K1 d Ultimate, surprised me with N20m land gift for my 60th birthday – Long time friend, Bolaji Basia


How Fuji king, K1 d Ultimate, surprised me with N20m land gift for my 60th birthday – Long time friend, Bolaji Basia

A part of Fuji King Wasiu Ayinde Olasunkanmi Marshal aka K1 d Ultimate not known to the public was revealed on Sunday when long-term friend and Canada-based businessman, Bolaji Saheed Basia disclosed how the musician splashed a whopping sum of N20m naira to purchase a land gift for him on his 60th birthday.


Basia revealed this in a birthday post to appreciate K1 who also holds the traditional title of Maiyegun of Yorubaland.

Basia wrote:


Nothing bothers me more in life than to see someone i love being publicly disrespected…

You want to quickly come to his defense but unfortunately he’s not a regular guy.

He’s an iconic legend that has dealings with thousands of people all over the world…


So, if you are not careful with what you say, you might ended up putting him in more trouble

My conclusion is to only talk about my personal experience with him…

Like what I’m about to say now is definitely going to get him in trouble with some people…

Money is very important in life but, the day you put money above your friendship, its only a matter of time before that friendship go south…


After his installation as Mayegun last year January I moved back to Canada.

Couple of days later he called me to ask how are we going to celebrate my 60th birthday

I told him omo, not interested in making any noise jare

I just want to celebrate it with my family and some friends here in Canada then come to 9ja and hang out with him…


My special request was for him to cook a special dish for the both of us to eat and reminisce about the good times we had together…

Of course as expected he disagreed with the idea and said omo, it’s your 60th birthday, you can’t just let it go like…

Since I know you can’t win an argument with him, I just let it be…

Later Bayo his manager called me to confirm my birthday date.


I asked him why, he said Alhaji asked him to go and pay for a hall at Radisson hotel for my birthday.

As God will have it, there was lockdown everywhere…

On my birthday he honored me with a virtual special show from his house in Ijebu-Ode Nigeria

My long time plan was once I turned sixty I’m moving out of Lagos


So when he built his house in Ijebu-Ode I knew mine too would be somewhere in Ogun state

Basia (L) with K1

While I was in Canada ūüá®ūüᶠhe was telling me about his plans for going into circus ūüé™ and real-estate

At that point I knew I had no option than to build mine too in Ijebu-Ode

I asked him to get me an agent to help me get a land which he obliged


I arrived and found one not too far from his house

Since that was why I came to 9ja, I wasted no time in showing interest.

The owner insisted on 20m and I asked him to send his account number

I called the agent when I didn’t hear from the owner again


He told me the property had been paid for.

I asked him why and who?

My thought was the owner was playing games with me so that he can increase the price

Until he told me it was my friend that paid for it…


I called him to thank him and get his account number to refund his money


I was like wow… still thought he was joking because business has been extremely dull for him which he told me himself and I can see it myself that many shows were canceled due to covid-19 partial lockdown on entertainment industry

Of course I knew he was going to support me one way or the other on the project but not 20m and definitely not this time that he wasn’t making money…


I have many stories like this to tell about him concerning countless people…

When I told him omo, thanks
I can now move to site and finish my project

His response was omo, you deserve more than that and I’m not done yet…

O se, ore mi…


The duo have a long history together with Basia being credited with singlehandedly sponsoring K1’s musical tour of Canada in 1996 and ’98.

K1, now 63 has close to 100 albums to his credit and is reputedly one of the richest musicians in Nigeria.


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