Which of these overhead kick goals is your favourite? See video

In football, skills, possession, style of play are important but what the fans in the Stadium or in front the TV screens want to see is a goal. In fact, goals as many as possible.

There are different ways in which goals can be scored and one which is arguably the most fascinating is the overhead kick goal.

It takes a lot of precision, positioning and a great delivery of the ball to score a goal like that.

In recent times, we have seen opposing fans clap for a player that scored an overhead kick goal against their own team. Such artistry need to be applauded indeed.

Throwback: See John Terry’s slip which handed the UCL to Man United in Moscow 2008 (Video)


Below are some overhead kick goals scored in the UEFA Champions League of recent. Which is your favourite?

  • Mario Mandzukic Vs Real Madrid 2017 Uefa Champions League final

  • Gareth Bale Vs Liverpool 2018 Uefa Champions League final

  • Cristiano Ronaldo vs Juventus 2018 Uefa Champions League semi-finals

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs England 2012

  • Wayne Rooney vs Manchester City 2011 Premier League



Video source: @manutd_HQ @C_U_L_E @goal via UEFA Champions League.



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